Pritzker Family Foundation Awards $2.5 Million to University of Chicago

The has announced a $2.5 million grant from the to further develop, test, and distribute three educational tools designed to improve schools across the United States.

Established in 2008, UEI works to develop and promote the Chicago model of evidence-based approaches to school-based education. The institute will use the funding to further develop the , an evidence-based system designed to predict and drive improvement in schools nationwide; the , a developmental literacy assessment, instructional tool, and data management system that has been used in several high-performing urban schools across the country; and the pilot , which aims to help students prepare for and succeed in college.

"UEI has amassed unambiguous, empirical evidence that demonstrates the extraordinary influence schooling can have on the lives of children growing up in urban America," said UEI director Timothy Knowles. "By creating new knowledge, training exemplary teachers and leaders, creating transferable models of urban schooling, and designing scalable tools, UEI is designed to improve the trajectory of children's lives in Chicago and nationwide. We are enormously appreciative of the Pritzker Family's confidence in this work."

"." University of Chicago Press Release 05/23/2011.