Presidential Leadership Scholars Program Launched

Presidential Leadership Scholars Program Launched

The and the have announced the launch of the program, a partnership of the George W. Bush, , , and presidential centers to foster the next generation of effective leaders.

Designed to help participants develop a variety of leadership skills, including vision, judgment, persuasiveness, and ability to communicate effectively, the program's curriculum will incorporate scholarship from a range of academic institutions, including the four universities  — , , the , and the at the University of Arkansas — affiliated with the former presidents' presidential centers; leadership examples taken from the private, public, nonprofit, and military sectors; and guest speakers from a number of presidential administrations. The six-month program — which will begin with an intensive four-day event at historic Mount Vernon, followed by extended weekend sessions at each of the participating presidential centers — will draw from the presidential centers' archives and other resources related to leadership and key decisions in each administration.

Tuition, accommodations, meals, and travel expenses will be funded by foundations, individuals, and corporations, including the and foundations and the at the . Applicants from the private, public, nonprofit, and military sectors with ten years of professional experience may apply to the program through October 27; the inaugural class of scholars will be announced by the end of the year.

"Effective leadership is an important skill for individuals looking to make a positive difference in the world and change lives," said Clinton Foundation board chair Bruce Lindsey. "The Presidential Leadership Scholars program is designed to foster the next generation of leaders, whether they choose to work in government, business, or philanthropy. The program’s unique curriculum includes an unprecedented assembly of leaders across four presidential administrations, spanning over forty-five years."

"." Presidential Leadership Scholars Program Press Release 09/08/2014.