Pittsburgh Foundation Receives $20 Million in Bequests

The has received bequests totaling more than $20 million from the estates of identical twin sisters Jean and Nancy Davis and former H.J. Heinz executive Junius Allen and his wife, Zella, the reports.

The Allens moved to Florida from Pennsylvania in 1973 but remained committed to the greater Pittsburgh area, establishing a fund at the foundation in 1988. The $500,000 in the fund today is available for use at the discretion of the foundation.

Jean Davis, a lifelong Pittsburgher and former USO service member, passed away in October 2011 at the age of 97, while Nancy Davis, who served in the Navy, passed away in February. The sisters had inherited their wealth from their parents, Blanche and Frank Davis, who had the distribution franchise for laundry whitening detergent La France and invested in other businesses.

"When we look behind these bequests, we see touching stories of deep affection for Pittsburgh and its people," Pittsburgh Foundation CEO Grant Oliphant told the Post-Gazette. "This is a great example of something that happens more frequently than we realize in Pittsburgh, where people who are born here leave an extraordinary gift to Pittsburgh."

Patricia Sabatini. "." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 09/14/2012.