Peterson Foundation Commits $200 Million for Healthcare Center

The New York City-based has announced an initial commitment of $200 million for the creation of the .

The center, which will work to identify, validate, and scale innovations that improve health outcomes and reduce costs, already has launched three initiatives, including a (executive summary, 3 pages, PDF) conducted by Stanford University's that examined exemplary primary care practices and identified ten features that support higher-quality care delivery at a substantially lower total annual cost — features that could be scaled to improve the quality of care and reduce U.S. healthcare spending by as much as $300 billion annually. In addition, the center, in partnership with the  , has developed the , a digital platform designed to provide comprehensive data on how the U.S. healthcare system is performing on critical quality and cost measures. And it is collaborating with the to convene public- and private-sector leaders to identify ways to improve health data transparency and usability as well as best practices with respect to health data dissemination.

The center's advisory board includes Bill Gates, who made an initial contribution of $1 million to the center as a symbol of his support.

"There is an urgent need in health care to identify solutions to improve quality and lower costs, validate them, and accelerate their adoption nationally," said Jeffrey Selberg, executive director of the Peterson Center on Healthcare. "There are clinicians who already deliver consistently high-quality health care at lower costs. America would have one of the world's highest-performing healthcare systems if we replicated these innovations on a national scale — that's the mission of our center."

"." Peter G. Peterson Foundation Press Release 12/04/2014.