Pérez Art Museum Miami Receives $15 Million in Funds, Artworks

has announced a gift of art and cash totaling $15 million from Jorge M. Pérez.

The gift includes $5 million for the acquisition of works by Latin American artists — the first $1 million to be earmarked for Cuban artists and $1 million in each of the next four years to be spent on Latin American artists more broadly — and $5 million over ten years for the procurement of additional works.  Pérez also plans to give the museum more than two hundred pieces of Cuban art, worth an estimated $5 million, from his personal collection. The donated works will be featured in a new exhibition in the fall of 2017.

In 2011, Pérez, a businessman of Cuban descent who grew up in Argentina and Colombia, donated $40 million in cash and art to what was then the Miami Art Museum and helped finance the construction of its new building. His previous donations of art to the museum have included works by Cuban modernists Amelia Peláez, Wifredo Lam, and Mario Carreño.

"This tremendous gift is another affirmation of Jorge and Darlene Pérez's commitment to Miami's museum," said PAMM director Franklin Sirmans. "This gift significantly improves upon the museum's holdings and adds depth to a vitally important area of the collection that Pérez has always championed since coming on as a board member more than twenty years ago."

"." Pérez Art Museum Miami Press Release 11/30/2016.