Packard Foundation Commits $26 Million to Reproductive Health and Sex Education Initiatives

The in Los Altos, California, has announced its second-quarter grants for 2001, including a total of $26 million to groups working to slow the growth of the world's population and expand reproductive health options among the world's poor.

Grants made by the foundation this quarter include $475,000 to Ethiopia-based Opportunities Industrialization Centers International to pair adolescent reproductive health education and services with vocational skills training; and, building on research conducted last year, $600,000 to the to promote a more informed discussion about the role of sex education in America's classrooms. The foundation also made a $250,000 grant in support of CARE's efforts to address the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Gujarat, India, money that will help CARE to restore, improve, and promote reproductive health services in parts of the earthquake-afflicted region.

"The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is committed to funding population programs that work to expand family planning options and reproductive health services, as well as programs that provide education on sexually transmitted diseases and protect reproductive rights," commented Sarah Clark, Ph.D., director of the foundation's Population Program. "With these grants we have identified programs that address critical needs and deliver long-term impact."

Other second-quarter grants made by the foundation include funding for organizations focused on youth development, reproductive rights, population, and the Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sudan.

"Packard Foundation Commits $26 Million for Sexuality Education and Reproductive Health" David and Lucile Packard Foundation Press Release 07/10/2001.