Otto Bremer Foundation Awards $9.6 Million in Grants

The in St. Paul, Minnesota, has announced grants totaling $9.6 million to nonprofits in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

The hundred and five grants awarded to organizations in Minnesota include $91,950 to in support of Mankato Area Adult Basic Education, an initiative to better serve low-skilled and immigrant adult learners; and $50,000 to in support of a transitional shelter program. Twenty-two grants were awarded to organizations in North Dakota, including $250,000 to the to address basic food needs and the root causes of hunger in the state; and $75,000 to to improve accessibility for disabled residents. In addition, twenty-one grants were awarded to organizations in Wisconsin, including $64,252 to the in Eau Claire to increase access to oral health care for economically disadvantaged populations in and around Eau Claire; and $100,000 to the in Baldwin in support of its efforts to strengthen families and communities through education, resources, and other types of support.

The foundation also awarded $8,000 to the New York City-based in support of its Funders Information Network, which promotes philanthropy in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin by providing free local access to philanthropy-related resources; and $20,000 to in St. Louis, which provides academic and youth development opportunities for youth in north Minneapolis. In addition, the foundation awarded a $500,000 program-related investment to the for construction of a community center that will provide comprehensive programming and services in the Phillips neighborhood.

"We are delighted to provide support to a wide range of organizations across the three-state region where we make our investments," said Bremer Foundation co-CEO and trustee Brian Lipschultz. "Their work and dedication help move communities forward for the betterment of all."

For a complete list of , visit the Bremer Foundation website.

"." Otto Bremer Foundation Press Release 09/29/2015.