Open Society Foundations Announces 2013 Soros Justice Fellows

The has announced the 2013 Soros Justice Fellows.

A mix of emerging and established social justice leaders, the fourteen fellows include investigative journalists, lawyers, grassroots organizers, policy advocates, and scholars. Working in nine states and Puerto Rico, the fellows will take on a range of reform issues that relate to broader OSF efforts to curb mass incarceration, eliminate harsh punishment, and ensure justice system accountability in the United States. To that end, fellows will receive a stipend ranging from $58,700 to $110,250 for full-time projects lasting between twelve and eighteen months.

Th 2103 Soros Justice Fellows include Maureen Barden, a former federal prosecutor who will work to leverage opportunities provided by the Affordable Care Act to ensure that people released from prison and jail have access to health care; Kylee Sunderlin, a graduating law student who will create a network of trained counsel to represent mothers facing termination of their parental rights based on their enrollment in methadone maintenance treatment programs; and activist Tyrone Werts, who will work with other formerly incarcerated men to address the problem of crime and violence in the criminal justice system.

"Given the enormous challenges posed by the current realities of the criminal justice system in the United States, the importance of new voices and re-examination of its premises remains critical," said Ken Zimmerman, director of U.S. Programs at OSF. "I am excited to announce the 2013 Soros Justice Fellows whose efforts are fundamental to the types of changes that are needed to produce a fair, effective, and efficient system. We welcome their commitment, creativity, and vision."

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"." Open Society Foundations Press Release 05/14/2013.