One Fund Boston Receives Additional $12 Million in Donations

One Fund Boston Receives Additional $12 Million in Donations

, the fund established to assist victims of the Boston Marathon bombing last April, has added $12 million to the $61 million collected initially, as people from around the world continue to make donations to the fund, the  reports.

The fund has tapped a group of survivors and victims' relatives to help determine how to distribute the late-arriving donations, including whether to compensate those psychologically traumatized by what they witnessed that day. The additional funds come from a range of sources, the Globe reports, including corporate fundraising events, children who donated their First Communion money, and newlyweds who asked their wedding guests to forego wedding presents and donate to the fund instead.

The fund had distributed the entirety of the $61 million it collected initially by July 29 to more than 230 individuals who were injured as well as relatives of the three victims who were killed. Double amputees received $2.2 million each, while those who required an overnight stay in a hospital were eligible for $125,000 each — more if their stay in the hospital was longer. Some victims of the attacks felt shortchanged, however, including those who weren't physically injured but were so traumatized that they needed psychological counseling.

"There is going to be a new process, and we haven't decided whether it gets expanded or focused even more," One Fund treasurer Mike Sheehan told the Globe. While the plan is to distribute the $12 million by early July, the organization expects to receive additional donations around the one-year anniversary of the tragedy. Sheehan said that unlike the first go-round, the fund might hold on to some of any new money that comes in to help victims with future costs incurred as a result of their injuries.

"." Boston Globe 01/03/2014.