Omidyar Network Invests $1.9 Million in Digital Security

has announced an investment of more than $1.9 million to the , a Berlin-based nonprofit organization that works with citizens, journalists, and activists to raise awareness about personal data, privacy, and digital security.

Building on a $500,000 investment from ON in 2015, the three-year investment will enable TTC to develop and produce toolkits, guides, films, animations, visualizations, applied research, trainings, events, and exhibitions related to the effective and safe use of information and technology in activism and action. The funds also will enable TTC to enhance its impact across its priority areas — digital security and privacy, the politics of data, and shaping and exposing issues — with a focus on scaling and expanding the content offered through its Security in a Box and Me & My Shadow programs.

"Importantly, TTC's team is diverse in a way that enables it to better represent and serve its target communities," said Laura Bacon, ON's policy principal for governance and civic engagement. "The backgrounds and languages of TTC's staff span the globe. Its leadership team is primarily women, which is, unfortunately, rare for a technology-focused organization."

"." Omidyar Network Press Release 01/17/2017.