Omidyar Network Awards $9.7 Million to Watchdog Groups

The has announced grants totaling $9.7 million to fifteen transparency and accountability organizations in seven countries.

Awarded through ON's initiative, which works to build government responsiveness and citizen participation in civil society, the grants will provide assistance to organizations in India, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Recipients include BudgIT in Lagos, Nigeria, which was awarded $400,000 over two years to improve access to and understanding of Nigeria's budgets and other public data; the in Washington, D.C., which will receive $800,000 over two years in support of a data-driven analysis of government transparency and accountability in all fifty U.S. states; in Ukraine, which was awarded $550,000 to provide Ukrainians with unbiased, censor-free information about politics, the economy, and social and cultural events; and the Yangon-based , which will receive $200,000 over eighteen months in support of civic technology and social innovation in the country.

"These fifteen organizations represent the breadth and focus of our Governance & Citizen Engagement initiative," said Omidyar Network partner Stephen King, who serves as global lead for the initiative. "From increasing the flows of open data about government services, to making fiscal governance data more transparent; and from supporting civic technology tools that aggregate and disseminate information about public services, to increasing the capacity and professionalism of independent, investigative media, Omidyar Network supports innovative organizations that bridge the gaps among governments, public services, and citizens who seek to engage on matters of importance to them and to hold their leaders to account."