OHSU Receives $100 Million Toward Knight Challenge

OHSU Receives $100 Million Toward Knight Challenge

in Portland has announced an anonymous $100 million gift in support of a $1 billion for the university's .

The largest gift to date to help match a $500 million challenge grant issued by Phil and Penny Knight in 2013 will be used to support a full range of KCI initiatives, including hiring twenty to thirty top scientists and their teams to collaborate on improving methods to identify cancer at its earliest and most curable stage. The early detection initiative builds on research by KCI director Brian Druker that has led to a number of targeted drugs that zero in on cancer without harming healthy cells nearby.

To date, the campaign for KCI has received more than $218 million in gifts and pledges from more than fifty-eight hundred supporters, while the state of Oregon has agreed to invest $200 million in OHSU facilities.

"This gift is a tremendous vote of confidence in OHSU and the Knight Cancer Institute. It will enable us to work even more quickly on what we believe is the single most important unmet need in cancer care today — identifying cancers that will become deadly while they are still at a highly curable stage," said Druker. "While we clearly have much more to do to reach out goal, a gift of this magnitude is a validation that our vision resonates with those who have a passion for fighting cancer in a completely different way. OHSU will be the place where we do what others have thought impossible — end cancer as we know it."

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