Notre Dame's Institute of Advanced Studies Receives $1.8 Million Grant

The at the has received a $1.8 million grant from the to pursue questions related to the nature of human existence, the reports.

The grant will enable two senior student researchers to explore issues related to human creativity and the place of the mind in nature. According to Eric Bugyis, coordinator for undergraduate research at the institute, those questions are best addressed through interdisciplinary study, especially when subjects don't share an obvious connection.

"You might think religion and science come together on issues like creationism and evolution and that's going to be where the conversation happens," said Bugyis. "For us though, the more fruitful dialogue happens when you go deeper — so it's not a flat surface, it's a sphere. The most interesting places where they intersect are not the surface, but the center."

"." Notre Dame Observer 03/03/2014.