Northwest Giving Project Facing Loss of Funding

Seattle-based , a nonprofit that advises prospective philanthropists on how to give money, may soon be looking for donors to keep it going, the Puget Sound Business Journal reports.

NWGP was one of twenty-nine organizations created in 1999 by , a project managed by the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers. With an initial budget of $300,000 for three years, the organization is now waiting to hear whether it will receive a fourth year of funding. Even with additional funding from New Ventures, however, the organization will have to identify new sources of local funding if it is to survive.

"We're assessing the best way to carry this forward," said NWGP director Janet Barry. "The question is 'how'...."

Barry noted that the transfer of wealth from affluent baby boomers to their children will leave many of those young people with large sums of money.

"In the Northwest, there's an incredible amount of wealth," Barry explained. "The gap that exists is a lack of information on how you give."

The fact that many people become wealthy every year and aren't tapped to give to charity is reason enough to justify the continuance of Northwest Giving, said New Ventures in Philanthropy director Albert Reusga. Nevertheless, Reusga predicted that 2002 would be the last year that New Ventures funded NWGP.

"I think it's always been tough [to get funding]," Reusga told the Business Journal, "even when the economy is going well."

Ian Ritter. "NW Giving Strives to Survive As Funding Disappears" Puget Sound Business Journal 05/25/2001.