Niarchos, Rockefeller Pledge $150 Million to Rockefeller University

Niarchos, Rockefeller Pledge $150 Million to Rockefeller University

has announced gifts totaling $150 million from the and David Rockefeller to expand the university's campus in Manhattan.

The gifts of $75 million will support a project to add two acres to the existing fourteen-acre campus along the East River by building over the FDR East River Drive, enabling construction of an outdoor amphitheater and several new buildings that will house state-of-the-art laboratories, administrative offices, a conference facility, and a dining commons. The university also will improve the public esplanade adjacent to the campus and make repairs to the seawall along the river. In recognition of the gifts, the new campus will be named the Stavros Niarchos Foundation–David Rockefeller River Campus.

"Thanks to recent technological advances, a revolution is under way in genetics, brain science, biological imaging, cancer biology, and immunotherapy, to name just a few fields that are being transformed," said Rockefeller University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne. "We now have the power to answer fundamental questions about the body in health and in disease that were beyond our reach just a few years ago. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation–David Rockefeller River Campus will bring leading scientists together and provide them with the resources to make breakthrough discoveries."

"Stavros Niarchos and David Rockefeller were close friends and legendary business partners for over half a century," said Andreas C. Dracopoulos, co-president of the foundation and a member of the university's board. "They did well together in the twentieth century, and now they're joining forces again to do good in the twenty-first. Under Marc Tessier-Lavigne's visionary leadership, Rockefeller University is at the forefront of biomedical research. This support is an investment in society's future well-being."

"." Rockefeller University Press Release 11/11/2014.