New York State-Initiated $105 Million Collaboration to Advance Genomic Medicine

New York State-Initiated $105 Million Collaboration to Advance Genomic Medicine

has announced a $105 million public-private partnership with the and the University at Buffalo's to accelerate recent advances in genetic medicine into clinical care.

NYGC and UB will receive $55 million and $50 million from the state, respectively, to advance genetic data analysis and identify treatments that target tumors in individual patients. The at UB has the medical records of at least a million New York residents that, when combined on a de-identified basis with genomic data from NYGC, can be used not only to develop new treatments for diseases but to link genetic mutations to environmental factors and inform public health policies. NYGC has committed to match the state funds dollar-for-dollar in support of the effort.

Launched in September to provide highly customized, effective, and cost-efficient treatments using recent advances in genomic medicine, the nonprofit consortium counts among its members the , , , , , , , , , , the , and the .

"The incredibly potent combination of genomic medicine and the analytic power of today's super computers will change our approach to health care," said Robert Darnell, NYGC’s president, CEO, and scientific director. "With these new technologies, we can begin to visualize treatments and cures for diseases such as cancers, Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's, and Parkinson's. That’s what the New York Genome Center is all about, and as a result of Governor Cuomo's vision this partnership will rapidly enhance our capabilities. We are grateful for the governor's dedication to this worthy mission."

"This important effort draws on many of our greatest assets as a premier research university – including our outstanding faculty, our reputation as a powerhouse in life sciences research, and our considerable strength in supercomputing and medical information technology," said UB president Satish K. Tripathi. "With this trifecta of resources, UB is an ideal partner to transform medical diagnosis and treatment."

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