New Commitments Announced on Day One of Clinton Global Initiative America

New Commitments Announced on Day One of Clinton Global Initiative America

On the first day of the second annual meeting in Chicago last week, former President Clinton announced fifty-eight new commitments by private and public organizations and government agencies to address the country's most pressing economic challenges.

When fully funded and implemented, the new commitments will facilitate the hiring of five hundred thousand veterans and military spouses, convert ten thousand trucks into plug-in hybrids, and provide $15 million in loans to small businesses in Chicago and Los Angeles. The commitments also include the creation of a new philanthropic investment fund designed to advance private-sector innovations in early childhood education for disadvantaged children.

During the event, announced a five-year, $160 million commitment to advance youth education and financial literacy, including $60 million in cash and one million service hours valued at $100 million. In total, day-one commitments will directly affect nearly 3.9 million people.

Sponsored by the , , and foundations, as well as , , , and , the two-day event, held June 7-8, convened nearly a thousand leaders representing Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies at the state and local level around a wide range of topics, from job creation, to stimulating economic growth, to fostering innovation, to supporting workforce development in the United States.

"At CGI America, so many key decision makers from all levels of government, all sectors of the economy, and all sides of the political spectrum are bringing their experience and different perspectives to address economic recovery in the U.S.," said Clinton. "I look forward to seeing the collaboration and partnerships that will be created at this year's meeting."

For a complete list of , visit the CGI America Web site.

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