Mott, Pritzker Foundations Award $1.5 Million to Renovate Flint School

The has announced a grant of $1 million to the in Flint, Michigan, to help transform an elementary school into a center of early childhood education services. An additional $500,000 from the , a program of the , will cover the remaining costs of the renovation.

The project includes extensive physical improvements to the former Cummings Elementary School and its surrounding campus, as well as new technology and furnishings. The renovation is part of an effort to establish a Great Expectations Early Childhood Program within the . Available free of charge to Flint families affected by the city’s water crisis, the program is expected to open by mid-September and serve up to two hundred and twenty preschool-age children.

"It's essential that all Flint kids have access to the best educational opportunities, beginning as early as possible," said Mott Foundation president Ridgway H. White. "The good news is that there are a lot of people, organizations, and government agencies working together to make that a reality."

"." Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Press Release 08/23/2016.