More Than $100 Million in Pledges Announced at Clinton Health Matters Conference

More Than $100 Million in Pledges Announced at Clinton Health Matters Conference

The has announced pledges totaling more than $100 million in support of health and wellness initiatives made during its third annual conference.

Organizations announcing commitments include the , which pledged to make college campuses safer and support the mental and emotional health needs of college students; the , which committed to expanding its efforts to increase access to healthy foods and physical activities both in and out of school; and and the , which jointly pledged to launch the 800 Calorie Challenge, a national cooking competition focused on healthy eating and nutrition.

Launched in 2012, the aims to improve the health and well-being of Americans by encouraging individuals, communities, and organizations to implement evidence-based systems and environmental and investment strategies that help reduce the prevalence of preventable diseases, lower health care costs associated with those diseases, and improve the quality of life for Americans. This year's event in La Quinta, California, drew five hundred leaders from the fields of health care, technology, media, sports, education, business, and public policy to discuss solutions and strategies for transforming health in the United States.

"One in six American lives will be touched by the investments we are making in health and wellness," said former President Bill Clinton. "These fifty million people include kids with better access to healthier food options; college students informed about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and warning signs of suicide; and adults better equipped to manage their health and change their lifestyles to prevent disease."

"." Clinton Foundation 01/15/2014.