Moore Foundation Staff Expected to Double

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle on recent happenings at the , established last November with a multi-billion donation from Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, reports that the foundation's current staff of thirty-two is likely to double by the fall.

The foundation, which stands to become one of the largest private foundations in the country, focuses its funding in the areas of higher education, the environment, scientific research, and the Bay Area — although staff members are encouraged to take risks in their funding choices as well as in operational procedures.

"[Gordon has] made it very clear to us that if everything you do is in that safe place where you know it will be successful, you're not reaching far enough," commented former San Francisco mayor Frank Jordan, who now focuses on public policy and government relations for the foundation and helps plan its Bay Area programs.

To date, the foundation has awarded just a handful of grants, including $50,000 to its first recipient, the Oakland-based , and a $50 million pledge to the Peninsula Open Space Foundation, matching a donation to the organization from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Working to make its operations reflect it mission by limiting paper is another organizational value instilled by Moore. Said foundation president Lewis W. Coleman, "When you put information on paper and put it in a file, you've gone from an open organization to a closed one."

Henry Norr. "Moore Foundation Will Join Ranks of the Philanthropic Elite" San Francisco Chronicle 07/22/2001.