Mondelez International Foundation Launches Anti-Obesity Initiative

Mondelez International Foundation Launches Anti-Obesity Initiative

The , the charitable arm of global food and beverage conglomerate , has announced a three-year, $50 million initiative to promote healthy lifestyles around the world.

Through the foundation's new campaign, Mondelez and its international partners will bring nutrition education, active play, and fresh foods programs to more than one million children and their families in Australia, Brazil, China, India, and Russia. The initiative is designed to empower communities to address the needs of the more than thirty million overweight children around the world, with a focus on those in developing countries.

In Australia, Football Federation Australia and a leading NGO are joining forces to support a healthy lifestyle program in 300 schools that will benefit more than 115,000 children and their families; in Brazil, and the will team up to expand , a nutrition and physical activity-based program that has proven to help children improve their body mass index while reducing anemia; in China, the will promote the benefits of better nutrition and access to fresh foods to 150,000 students in 300 schools; in India, and will team up to promote active play, nutrition education, and the importance of fresh foods to about 140,000 children and families across the country; and in Russia, the 's Be Healthy program will teach 20,000 students about the importance of nutrition, how to grow and prepare healthy foods, and ways to get active. Every community partnership will track progress against a universal set of metrics, including physical activity, nutrition education, and access to nutritious foods.

According to the foundation, the above partnerships will account for roughly half of its $50 million commitment.

"We share our partners' beliefs that helping people — especially children — adopt small habits like making balanced food choices, preparing healthy snacks, and moving more can lead to big changes in their well-being and that of their communities," said Mondelez International Foundation president Nicole Robinson. "We're working side-by-side with our community partners to arm people with the resources and know-how to make decisions that can lead to a lifetime of good health."

"." Mondelez International Foundation Press Release 06/02/2014.