MIT Receives $1 Million From Mellon Foundation for Architectural Collaborative

The has announced a $1 million grant from the in support of a multidisciplinary collaboration at MIT’s .

Awarded through the Mellon Foundation's Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities program, the grant will help establish the Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative, an effort to reshape the discourse of architectural history by reimagining its teaching. To that end, scholars in the collaborative will produce classroom materials for teachers and professors in charge of teaching architectural history at the undergraduate/survey level. The materials will emphasize transnational and trans-geographical perspectives and will be made available to teachers and professors around the world free of charge.

SA+P associate dean and professor Mark Jarzombek and Vikramaditya Prakāsh of the will serve as co-principal investigators for the effort, while its board will include Jarzombek, Prakāsh, Gail Fenske of , Adnan Morshed of , Robert Cowherd of the , and Suzanne Marchand of .

"." Massachusetts Institute of Technology 01/13/2014.