Michael J. Fox, Michael Stern Foundations Merge

The has announced that it has merged with the .

The merger, which became effective June 30, includes the transition of MSPRF's daily operations to MJFF. The combined organization will continue to advance MJFF's research on the underlying causes, diagnosis, and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and will establish the Michael Stern Discovery Grants in Parkinson’s Science. The first Michael Stern Discovery Grants in Parkinson's Science are currently planned for fall 2015.

The Michael Stern Parkinson's Research Foundation was founded by journalist, filmmaker, and philanthropist Michael Stern, who began learning about neurological conditions and the need for research after a family friend was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. Stern also founded the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research Foundation in honor of a friend's wife. After Stern died in 2009 at the age of 98, his daughter Margaret, who served as chair of the Stern Foundation, took over as its president. From its inception in 2001 through the end of May, MSPRF provided more than $46 million in support of Parkinson's research.

"For nearly fifteen years, the Michael Stern Parkinson's Research Foundation championed a strategic approach to advancing PD research on behalf of those living with the disease," said MJFF CEO Todd Sherer. "We share Margaret Stern's dedication to progress and to ensuring the most promising research gets the right support from critical early stages. We deeply value the trust she has placed in us to honor her father’s legacy through the Michael Stern Discovery Grants in Parkinson’s Science."

"." Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research Press Release 06/30/2015.