Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Awards $5.5 Million to Expand Teaching Excellence Project in Texas

To help school districts improve student achievement and teacher satisfaction, the has announced a $5.5 million commitment to the project in five Texas public school districts.

Each of the districts — Beaumont, Conroe, Galena Park, Lubbock, and Northside San Antonio — will be provided with research-based interventions designed to maximize the potential for improvement in the classroom and among individual students. With the capability provided by performance management — a leadership practice in which technology is used to gather, share, and act upon relevant and timely information to positively affect student achievement — districts can make broad adjustments or very specific course corrections based on variables they are able to assess.

For example, if districts can see high-level data that indicate a need to focus on improving math and science scores, they would then determine how best to address the issue through data gathering, analysis, and developing a plan informed by the STTE project's clearinghouse of evidence-based interventions.

"This project brings together a team of progressive education leaders who understand the value of incorporating performance management to positively affect change," said MSDF executive director Janet Mountain. "The real value of a project of this kind is in the classroom, where we can empower teachers with the knowledge they need to intervene early on when students are at risk and completely change the outcome of their students for the better."

"." Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Press Release 01/26/2010.