Miami Dade College Receives $2.18 Million Grant From Knight Foundation

has announced a grant of $2.18 million from the in support of its multidisciplinary Idea Center.

The funds will enable the college to enhance its programming, with a focus on five elements: encouraging faculty to develop entrepreneurial methods and advance innovation across the curriculum; developing entrepreneur-focused programming and events; creating co-working spaces on campus to encourage idea generation, sharing, and interaction; establishing an accelerator where students can test and build ideas; and leveraging the college's alumni network and community support to establish an entrepreneur mentoring/coaching program. The grant also will support a partnership with aimed at introducing principles of entrepreneurship across the MDC curriculum.

"Entrepreneurship should be viewed as a skill to be taught, learned, and used in the community. This mindset helps encourage the starting of new small businesses, which is the bedrock of the local economy," said MDC president Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón. "In a community of small businesses, creating an entrepreneurial belief system is as responsive to the community's needs as educating for specific job openings, and this is something MDC has excelled at over the last half-century."

"." Miami Dade College Press Release 10/16/2014.