Meyer Memorial Trust Awards Nearly $7.8 Million

Meyer Memorial Trust Awards Nearly $7.8 Million

The  in Portland, Oregon, has announced sixty-one grants totaling $7.78 million in support of systems-level change efforts. 

Awarded through the foundation's  program, the grants will fund work in three areas — fostering community connection and belonging, supporting strong nonprofit leaders and organizations working to create inclusive communities, and strengthening civic engagement and public participation in democratic processes. 

Selected from a pool of three hundred and fifty-one applicants, the recipients include the  ($183,664), which trains attorneys representing immigrants in detention centers and asylum seekers in immigration court;  ($156,000), in support of a public service leadership development program for Latinxs from diverse backgrounds; and the  ($125,000 over three years), to help fund a strategic plan for its digital, finance, and development systems and to strengthen its role in advancing equity and democracy in Oregon. 

"From these three examples, equity as experienced through this portfolio is clear: There must be a recognition of the many racial, social, and cultural identities holding space together in our world," wrote Building Community program director Dahnesh Medora in a . "All of these characteristics form Meyer's filter and our understanding for creating a better, more equitable society."

For a complete list of , see the Meyer Memorial Trust website.

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"." Meyer Memorial Trust Blog Post 12/13/2018.