Melanoma Research Alliance Announces $9.6 Million in Grants

The has announced grants totaling $9.6 million in support of forty-nine scientists working to develop new treatments and cures for melanoma.

The grants, which boost to nearly $48 million the total awarded by MRA in its six-year history, will support melanoma research projects at twenty-six academic institutions in eight countries. And another $2.1 million as provided by industry, corporations, and individuals, helping to leverage a total of more than $42 million for research. Funded projects include an effort to accelerate new therapeutic approaches, including combination therapies, for dealing with metastatic melanoma, as well as a focus on a greater understanding of how melanoma initiation and progression.

This year, the alliance will support academic-industry partnerships involving , , , and . Since it was established in 2007, MRA has funded a total of eight such partnerships, providing a novel mechanism for collaboration among academic researchers, industry, and the alliance.

"This year's grants are at the cutting-edge of the most promising areas of inquiry in the field of melanoma research, including better understanding of genetic factors underlying risk and new treatment approaches to cure or control melanoma once it has spread," said MRA president and CEO Wendy K.D. Selig. "At such an important moment in the long struggle to defeat this disease, we are thrilled to make record-breaking investments in these important studies with the hope of benefiting patients and everyone at risk. In the face of a rising incidence and unacceptable suffering and death from melanoma, our efforts at MRA are focused on accelerating research and building upon recent progress."

"." Melanoma Research Alliance Press Release 04/15/2013.