McKnight Foundation Announces $20.8 Million in Fourth-Quarter Grants

The Minneapolis-based has announced grants totaling more than $20.8 million to a hundred and twenty organizations.

The fourth-quarter awards include grants totaling $1.34 million through the foundation's program to six organizations working to foster and support climate and energy leadership in the Midwest. To that end, the was awarded $55,000 over six months to develop and evaluate energy efficiency options for the project in Rochester, Minnesota; the in Chicago will receive $200,000 to conduct a twelve-state study to evaluate how the clean energy sector contributes to the economies and environmental health of the region; and the in Washington, D.C., was awarded $150,000 over two years to partner with cooperative and municipal utilities in Minnesota and Iowa on initiatives that offer on-bill financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, allowing customers to pay for those solutions through loans tied to their energy bills.

"We can and must act quickly to preserve our planet for ourselves and for future generations," said McKnight board chair Meghan Binger Brown. "By focusing on smart, local climate solutions, organizations like these work hard to keep our air and water clean and protect the health and well-being of our families."

Additional fourth-quarter grants included $25,000 to the to conduct a triennial statewide study of homelessness in Minnesota; $100,000 to to develop affordable live/work artist housing and community space for the arts in Hastings, Minnesota; $40,000 to the to advance bicycle-related policy, systems, and environmental change work in Ramsey County communities; and $100,000 to to reduce agricultural pollution in the Cannon River watershed, a tributary of the Mississippi River.

"McKnight Approves $20 Million in 4th Quarter 2015 Grantmaking" McKnight Foundation Press Release 01/11/2016.