Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Receives $10 Million for Residency Program

The Jacksonville, Florida, branch of the has received a $10 million gift from John H. and Carolyn O. Sonnentag in support of its neurosurgery residency program, the reports.

The gift will establish the John H. and Carolyn O. Sonnentag Fund for Neurosurgery Residency in Florida, income from which will provide support for the post-medical-school training of neurosurgeons and enable the clinic's neurosurgery program, which currently has three residents, to add an additional resident this summer and increase the number over time to seven, with one resident completing his or her seven years of training each year. The cost of training a future neurosurgeon today is close to $1 million.

"There's a tremendous need for training neurosurgeons in this country," said Robert E. Wharen, Jr., who performed surgery on John Sonnentag at the clinic to remove a tumor on his spine. "There is now a shortage of neurosurgeons, and that shortage is actually going to get worse, because there are more neurosurgeons retiring over the next ten years than we are able to train."

Charlie Patton. "." Florida Times-Union 01/13/2016.