MacArthur Foundation Awards $6 Million for Housing Research

The Chicago-based has announced grants totaling nearly $6 million to thirteen institutions to explore the impact of housing on children, families, and communities.

The grants were the first awarded as part of the foundation's $25 million initiative, which focuses on the premise that stable, affordable housing promotes positive outcomes in education, employment, and physical health by helping to ensure a greater return from other social and public investments. To that end, the grantees will work to produce a base of empirical evidence that shows the ways in which housing affects children's cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development as well as how housing choices shape the economic, physical, and emotional well-being of adults.

Grantees announced in this funding round include the Urban Institute ($750,000); Yeshiva University ($750,000); the University of Michigan ($750,000); St. Michael's Hospital ($738,000); Ohio State University ($646,000); Columbia University ($427,000); the University of Illinois at Chicago ($390,000); Cornell University ($360,000); Johns Hopkins University ($300,000); RAND Corporation ($300,00); the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ($226,000); the University of Wisconsin-Madison ($194,000); and Princeton University ($10,000).

"These research efforts will bring to bear the diverse expertise of economists, sociologists, clinicians, and practitioners on housing and deepen our understanding of how housing policy can enhance the well-being of families and neighborhoods beyond providing shelter," said MacArthur Foundation director of policy and housing Michael Stegman. "By fostering this interdisciplinary research, MacArthur seeks to help advance how policymakers think about housing, improve the ways we design and target housing assistance programs with the scarce resources available, and, ultimately, help families lead healthier, more successful lives."

"." John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Press Release 02/23/2010.