MacArthur Foundation Announces Nearly $10 Million in Grants

The has announced grants totaling nearly $10 million in support of efforts to defend freedom of expression and improve criminal justice systems around the globe. 

Awarded through the foundation's , the grants include an award of $250,000 to the in Bangalore, India, for research and advocacy on freedom of expression and Internet governance; $400,000 to the in Washington, D.C., in support of efforts to ensure that the technical architecture of the Internet remains supportive of free expression; and $150,000 to the Fund Public Chronicles in Moscow in support of its efforts to provide training for journalists, bloggers, civic activists, and members of the Russian public that promotes core values related to freedom of expression. 

Other grants announced by the foundation will support efforts to ensure government accountability for past atrocities, promote access to justice for victims of human rights violations, and facilitate justice system reforms. Grants awarded in this area include $300,000 to the Civic Action Foundation in Perm, Russia, in support of its efforts to advance the rights of associations and civil society initiatives; $300,000 to in Mexico City to improve access to legal assistance and justice for vulnerable populations in Mexico; and $500,000 to London-based in support of its efforts to establish a durable and meaningful system of oil governance in Uganda. 

"MacArthur's grantmaking seeks to strengthen human rights protections, advance government accountability, and improve the reach and quality of justice," said Mary Page, MacArthur's director of human rights and international justice. "These investments seek to build effective human rights protections and advocacy and to support immediate interventions to improve people‚Äôs lives." 

For a complete list of , visit the MacArthur Foundation Web site.

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