Louisiana State University of Alexandria Receives $2.9 Million Bequest

has announced a $2.9 million bequest from John and Rebecca Anne Cox McCann in support of scholarships and to provide resources to university staff and faculty.

Since Anne McCann died earlier this year, LSUA has received approximately $3.1 million from the McCann's estate. John McCann passed away in 2010 and their only child, Arnold, died in a trucking accident in 2001.

Joseph Descant, the couple’s financial advisor, told the that the McCanns also made gifts to their church, , and , , and the .

"John and Rebecca McCann made their lives here, and in death made wonderful philanthropic contributions to a number of charitable organizations — the largest and most significant being a nearly $3 million legacy to the LSUA Foundation to support scholarships and enhance education for our students," said LSUA Foundation Chairman Charles Weems. "LSUA and the present and future students of central Louisiana will forever be indebted to Mr. and Mrs. McCann for their incredible gift."

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