LaGuardia Community College Receives $2 Million From Goldman Sachs

in Queens, New York, has announced a $2 million gift from to help underserved students stay in college.

The largest gift in the school's history will enable it to help students meet the cost of attending college by, among other things, providing emergency financial assistance to those facing urgent crises that threaten their ability to stay in college. Goldman Sachs Gives, a donor-advised fund through which the financial services firm and its senior employees recommend grants to nonprofit organizations worldwide, has pledged to raise an additional $1 million to bolster need-based financial aid at high-performing community colleges across the country. 

"Goldman Sachs gets it: By helping large numbers of our students graduate and enter the middle class there is an astounding return on investment," said LaGuardia Community College president Gail O. Mellow. "This groundbreaking gift to LaGuardia and community colleges nationwide will allow us to help our neediest students pay their tuition and buy books and MetroCards, making it possible for them to graduate and get higher-paying and more fulfilling jobs. It's a smart investment that pays huge dividends for our students, our city, and our nation."

"." LaGuardia Community College Press Release 03/12/2015.