Knights of Columbus to Raise $2 Million to Rebuild Former ISIS City

Knights of Columbus to Raise $2 Million to Rebuild Former ISIS City

The has announced that it will raise and donate $2 million to rebuild Karamdes, a predominantly Christian town on the Nineveh Plain in northern Iraq that was liberated from the Islamic State (ISIS) late last year.

As part of the effort, the Knights will return hundreds of families to homes from which they were evicted by ISIS in the summer of 2014 and, to that end, are urging K of C councils, Catholic parishes, other church groups, and individuals to assist by donating $2,000 — the approximate cost of resettling one family. Since 2014, the Knights' Christian Refugee Relief Fund has donated more than $13 million for humanitarian assistance worldwide, primarily in Iraq, Syria, and surrounding countries.

Recently, the government of Hungary made a $2 million commitment to rebuild Teleskov, another predominantly Christian town in northern Iraq, where about a thousand families have returned. Like the government of Hungary, the Knights will partner in the resettlement and rebuilding effort with the Archdiocese of Erbil, which is housing the largest population of Christian refugees in Iraq, including many former residents of Karamdes.

"The terrorists desecrated churches and graves and looted and destroyed homes," said the Knight's of Columbus’s Carl Anderson. "Now we will ensure that hundreds of Christian families driven from their homes can return to these two locations and help to ensure a pluralistic future for Iraq."

"." Knights of Columbus Press Release 08/01/2017.