Knight Foundation Expands Journalism Fellowships at Stanford

The has announced a $1.8 million expansion of the .

The grant will support new initiatives designed to strengthen the fellowship curriculum and spread the impact of the program, which is aimed at developing journalists with transformative ideas and entrepreneurial approaches they can use as they move forward in their careers. To that end, the program will hire a coordinator to work with current and past fellows to help them build on their innovative ideas and create change within newsrooms and other organizations; hold an annual networking and mentoring event for  former fellows, including an intensive workshop aimed at helping them develop their next venture; establish a workshop on transformative newsroom leadership to introduce editors and publishers to innovation; and develop an evolving technology curriculum for journalists. A portion of the funding will also go toward increasing the previously established Knight endowment at Stanford by $750,000, to be matched by $750,000 from the fellowship program.

"We want our fellows to be effective innovators for years to come, and to embed what they have learned in news outlets old and new," said program director Jim Bettinger. "This support from Knight Foundation will enable us to take strong steps towards this goal. Since 2009, the program has focused strongly on innovating for journalism’s future. We are now also thinking about how we can help journalism’s present."

"." John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Press Release 10/07/2014.