Kavli Foundation Awards $10 Million to Endow New Nanosciences Institute at UC Berkeley

The in Oxnard, California, has announced a $10 million giftt to help endow a new institute dedicated to exploring the basic science of how to capture and channel energy on the molecular or nanoscale.

The Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute (Kavli ENSI) at the and the will explore fundamental issues in energy science using cutting-edge tools and techniques developed to study and manipulate nanomaterials, with the goal of understanding how solar, heat, and vibrational energy are captured and converted into useful work by plants, animals, and novel materials. In addition to the $10 million endowment gift, the foundation will provide additional start-up funds for the institute.

The gift will be supported by matching commitments from UC Berkeley and the to establish the Heising-Simons Energy Nanoscience Fellows program at the institute, and a gift from the to create the Philomathia Discovery Fund. Kavli ENSI will be the fifth nanoscience institute established by the foundation worldwide, joining those at the , , , and in the Netherlands.

"There is...no more important time than now to invest in basic scientific research," said Kavli Foundation president Robert W. Conn. "History has shown that discoveries in basic science have a profound impact on the economy of nations, on the health of people, and on the well-being of societies."

"." University of California at Berkeley Press Release 10/03/2013.