Junior Achievement Receives $1 Million for Financial Education Initiative

has announced a $1 million grant from the to help serve economically disadvantaged youth in five countries.

The grant will support the launch of the MetLife Foundation Older Youth Development Project, which is designed to address skills development and youth employment in each of the five implementation markets — Egypt, South Korea, Mexico, Poland, and Russia. Targeting youth between the ages of 14 and 23, the project aims to equip young people with workforce, financial, and entrepreneurial skills that facilitate their access to economic opportunities. Building on existing and effective JA Worldwide programs, project implementers will work to customize programming for each country, ranging from creating sustainable business entities, to providing teachers with access to entrepreneurial tools, to introducing methods for teaching business entrepreneurship to young mothers.

As part of the MetLife Foundation's recently announced $200 million Financial Inclusion initiative, the grant also will support the development of a digital learning platform for the JA Enterprise Without Borders program, with the goal of making it a hub for cross-border engagement of JA students and volunteers worldwide.

"We are delighted to build upon our existing partnership with JA Worldwide and proud to be working together in efforts to strengthen communities around the world," said MetLife Foundation president and CEO Dennis White. "Our hope for the Older Youth Development Project is to help young people gain essential entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed economically and to inspire them to transform their lives."

"." Junior Achievement Worldwide Press Release 11/13/2013.