Irvine Foundation Awards Nearly $6.9 Million in Grants

The has announced eleven grants totaling $6.89 million to organizations working to promote civic engagement and government reform, educational achievement, immigration reform, and Linked Learning in California.

Organizations receiving grants through the foundation's California Democracy program include , which was awarded $150,000 to involve Santa Clara residents from all walks of life in budget and land-use decisions; the Center for Civic Design, which will receive $230,000 to boost voter participation in California; the , which was awarded $160,000 to conduct research on the demographics of registered and unregistered voters; the , which was awarded $100,000 to conduct and disseminate research regarding California's vote-by-mail voters and vote-by-mail invalidation issues; and the , which will receive $500,000 to support various projects across the state.

The foundation awarded five grants in the area of Linked Learning, including $2.2 million to the in support of systemic, high-quality implementations of Linked Learning pathways in the state; $600,000 to in support of its District Initiative Leadership Series; $1.2 million to to help build and sustain strategic communications for the Linked Learning field in California; $900,000 to the to lead the development and sustainability of a broad-based Linked Learning coalition in Los Angeles; and $450,000 to to engage the local business community in support of Linked Learning policies and implementation.

In addition, the foundation awarded a grant of $400,000 through its Special Initiatives program to in support of the .

"." James Irvine Foundation Press Release 10/11/2013.