Irvine Foundation Awards Nearly $21.4 Million in Grants

Irvine Foundation Awards Nearly $21.4 Million in Grants

The has announced twenty-nine grants totaling more than $21 million to expand opportunity for people in .

Four of the grants will support organizations participating in the Future of California Elections, a network of election officials, civil rights organizations, and election reform advocates working to increase voter participation and access in the state. They include $500,000 over a year to the ; $1.2 million over three years to the ; $400,000 over two years to the ; and $350,000 over two years to the . The foundation also awarded five grants in the area of voter and civic engagement, including two-year grants of $1.7 million to the and $375,000 to the .

Eleven grants were awarded to support the expansion and replication of linked learning efforts in the state, including $2 million over two years to ; $1 million over a year to the ; and $400,000 over two years to the . In addition, the foundation awarded four grants to media organizations — three of which will support the California Dream project, a collaboration of multiple media outlets aimed at covering issues related to living and working in California.

Grants also were awarded in the areas of arts engagement, immigrant rights, and research.

For a complete list of grant , see the Irvine Foundation website.

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"." James Irvine Foundation Press Release 06/13/2017.