Irvine Foundation Announces 2018 Leadership Awards

Irvine Foundation Announces 2018 Leadership Awards

The has announced the recipients of the 2018 Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards, which recognize California leaders who are working to advance innovative and effective solutions to urgent problems in the state.

Eight leaders at six organizations were honored this year with grants of $200,000 each to their organizations for work that merits expansion, replication, or policy support. The recipients include Kim Carter, founder and executive director of the (San Bernardino), which secures affordable housing for women trying to rebuild their lives; Susana De Anda and Laurel Firestone, co-executive directors and co-founders of (Visalia), which works to ensure that all communities in the San Joaquin Valley have access to safe, clean, and affordable water; and Christina Mansfield and Christina Fialho, co-executive directors and co-founders of (CIVIC, San Francisco), which works to advance immigration detention reform.

The other winners are Oscar Menjivar, founder and CEO of (Los Angeles), whose programs prepare young men and boys of color for careers in tech; Teresa Smith, founder and CEO of (San Diego), which works to prevent chronic homelessness through cost-effective interventions that fill gaps in services and stabilize the lives of the homeless and other low-income people; and Anthony Thigpenn, president of (Los Angeles), which seeks to ensure that California's government reflects its diversity.

"These innovative Californians and the organizations they lead offer hope and inspiration each year," said Irvine Foundation president and CEO Don Howard. "In a time when so many challenges seem intractable, it is our privilege to spotlight effective leaders advancing solutions that create real change in our state."

(Photo credit: James Irvine Foundation)