Irvine Foundation Announces 2014 Leadership Awards

The San Francisco-based James Irvine Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2014 Foundation Leadership awards, which honor Californians who are developing practical solutions to some of the state's most critical challenges.

Each leader or leadership team will receive $125,000 in support of their work to benefit the people of California. This year’s recipients are working to address a variety of issues, including early childhood trauma, medical care for the homeless, literacy among immigrant populations, support for formerly incarcerated women, and helping at-risk youth achieve in school and beyond.

The awardees include Charisse Bremond Weaver and George Weaver of Brotherhood Crusade in Los Angeles, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Suzy Loftus of the Center for Youth Wellness in San Francisco, Susan Burton of A New Way of Life Reentry Project in Los Angeles, J. Eugene Grigsby III and Paul Leon of the National Health Foundation and the Illumination Foundation, Eloy Ortiz Oakley of Long Beach City College, and Mari Riddle of the Centro Latino for Literacy in Los Angeles.

"These leaders have found effective solutions to some of California's most difficult problems," said Don Howard, interim president and CEO of the Irvine Foundation. "They do this by listening to the people they serve, working with the community, maximizing every dollar they use, and then sharing what they learn."

For more information about the recipients and their organizations, visit the Irvine Foundation Web site.

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