Intel Co-Founder Gives Record $600 Million to Caltech

The has announced that it has received a $600 million gift — the largest ever made to an institution of higher learning — from co-founder Gordon Moore and his wife Betty. The gift from the Moores will be used to expand existing research programs and maintain the university's position as a leader in science and technology.

The gift will be distributed in two equal parts: The couple will personally give $300 million to the school over the next five years, while the , which was established by the Moores a year ago, will pay out its half over the next ten years. Caltech, located in Pasadena, will have no restrictions on the use of the contributions, but university president David Baltimore said he expected most of the funds to be used to build on existing programs and to attract new faculty members.

"Caltech has a unique ability to do multidisciplinary work — partly because of its size and partly because of its history. It is described as being a national treasure and it certainly is," said Moore, who received a Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech in 1954 and served for eighteen years on its board of trustees. "The education I received there has served me well. We are hoping this gift will position the institute well as it moves forward."

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