Inaugural Class of Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellows Announced

The has announced the inaugural recipients of the .

Three fellows were selected to receive $100,000 each, office space in New York City, and support from the foundation over the next year to pursue an innovative project that addresses a deeply rooted social or economic problem. This year's fellows are , who hopes to find a structural solution that turns the U.S. municipal finance system into a well-regulated public utility; , who will use her experience in social enterprise and impact investing to incubate projects that use the social enterprise model to advance positive social and environmental change; and , who hopes, through the launch of the "Imagine Better" campaign, to make consumers of popular media more aware and engaged in issues like immigration reform, food insecurity, and property rights.

"The inaugural Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellows all approach major social justice issues with outside-the-box thinking, which is at the core of how the foundation operates," said the foundation's president and CEO, Simon Greer. "They are risk takers whose creative thinking has the potential to make a major impact on the areas they're addressing. From assisting cities that are cutting services to pay for crippling interest payments, to solving social and environmental issues by harnessing the tools of the private sector, to finding new networks of activists in unexpected places, these projects offer a fresh take that will help communities and help inform the foundation's future work."

For detailed descriptions of the fellowship recipients' , visit the Nathan Cummings Foundation Web site.

"." Nathan Cummings Foundation Press Release 04/23/2013.