ICFJ Launches New Award for Humanitarian Reporting

The , in partnership with , has announced the creation of an award to recognize courageous reporters who bring humanitarian crises to the world's attention.

The ICFJ Award for Integrity in Journalism will be given to a journalist who sheds light on important humanitarian issues in difficult environments. Recipients of the prize must demonstrate unparalleled courage in covering the plight of imperiled communities and an unwavering commitment to integrity, freedom, and justice. The inaugural award will be presented on April 11 at a ceremony in Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by 100 LIVES, a global initiative that celebrates those who helped Armenians during the Armenian genocide a hundred years ago and today works to support organizations and people who keep the legacy of gratitude alive. At the upcoming ceremony, 100 LIVES also will award its inaugural , which honors heroes who exemplify the spirit of responsibility and compassion today.

"ICFJ is honored to work with 100 LIVES to emphasize the crucial role journalists play in telling the stories of persecution in hot spots around the world," said ICFJ president Joyce Barnathan. "We're delighted to recognize journalists in this meaningful way."

"." International Center for Journalists Press Release 03/09/2016.