Howard Hughes Medical Institute Launches Open Competition for Investigators

The in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has announced that it will hold a national competition for biomedical investigators and plans to name as many as fifty new researchers by the spring of 2008.

Through the initiative, HHMI expects to award at least $600 million for basic biomedical research. This year's competition, which is open to early-career scientists at approximately two hundred eligible institutions, represents the first time HHMI has opened up a general competition to the direct application process.

For the competition, the institute is seeking applicants studying biomedical problems in a broad array of disciplines, including biology, medicine, and related areas of chemistry, physics, engineering, and computational biology. Selected researchers will be encouraged to extend the boundaries of science and will have the freedom to change direction in their research. In addition, they will be able to follow their ideas through to fruition, even if that process takes several years.

"We see this as an opportunity to strengthen our community of researchers by adding investigators at an early career stage," said HHMI president Thomas R. Cech. "This infusion of fresh scientific talent — and potentially new fields of inquiry unrepresented among our investigators — offers HHMI an extraordinary opportunity to refresh our commitment to original and creative biomedical research."

For more information about the competition, including the list of eligible institutions, visit the HHMI .

"." Howard Hughes Medical Institute Press Release 04/12/2007.