Howard Hughes Medical Institute Announces $500 Million Plan for New Research Center

The in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has announced a ten-year, $500 million plan for a biomedical science center that will develop advanced technology for biomedical researchers and provide a collaborative setting where international scientists will work to create new tools for biology.

"Advances in science and technology are occurring at a rapid pace," said HHMI president Thomas R. Cech in announcing the plan. "Breakthroughs in computer science, chemistry, physics and engineering can be critical for developing research tools used in the study of biology and medicine. Adapting these discoveries for use in biological systems or health-related sciences, however, requires state-of-the-art technologies, multi-disciplinary expertise, and high-quality research facilities. In establishing [this] facility, HHMI intends to accelerate this adaptation process."

The new campus will be located on a recently acquired 281-acre site in Loudoun County, Virginia, just outside Washington D.C. Officials at HHMI anticipate that staff at the new facility, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2005, will number over two hundred.

For collaborative activities at the new center, HHMI will invite proposals from the scientific community at large as well from HHMI investigators. The Institute will seek proposals that center on cutting-edge scientific goals and will give preference to projects that bring together diverse individuals and expertise from different environments.

"HHMI Unveils Long-Range, $500 Million Plan for Collaborative Research Campus" Howard Hughes Medical Institute Press Release 02/01/2001.