Hilton Foundation Awards More Than $20.5 Million in Grants

The has announced first-quarter grants totaling more than $20.5 million in support of organizations working to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the United States and internationally.

In the area of substance abuse prevention, the foundation awarded grants of $2 million to the to implement Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) programs for youth in federally qualified health centers; $600,000 to for the development of communications, advocacy, grassroots organizing strategies, and to advance public health responses to addiction; and $300,000 to the in support of its partnership with and the to implement SBIRT at four school-based wellness centers in Los Angeles County.

In support of organizations working to help foster youth, the foundation awarded grants of $1.2 million to the to coordinate the launch of the 100,000 Opportunities Demonstration Cities; $500,000 to the to create a feature-length documentary film about foster care in America that will help build public support for reform and improvement; and $400,000 to for the Future at Work Project to provide comprehensive employer engagement strategies and targeted workforce training to foster youth in Los Angeles.

In addition, the foundation awarded $1 million to in support of expanding its eye health services to Morogoro in Tanzania; $400,000 to to integrate early childhood development services in two large, informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya; and $750,000 to to expand the reach of Florida's tax credit scholarship through a partnership with the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops.

"We are pleased and privileged to be providing more than $20 million in funds in just three months to organizations serving some of the most vulnerable populations in the world," said Hilton Foundation president and CEO Peter Laugharn. "At our current funding pace, we expect to surpass our 2015 grantmaking of $107.8 million in 2016."

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"." Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Press Release 04/05/2016.