HHMI Announces 2013 International Student Research Fellows

HHMI Announces 2013 International Student Research Fellows

The in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has announced its 2013 class of International Student Research Fellows.

Forty-two pre-doctoral candidates from nineteen countries, seven of which — Argentina, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Iran, Norway, Saint Lucia, and South Africa — were not represented last year, will each receive $43,000 a year for the next three years and be mentored by senior scientists at their respective institutions. Launched in 2011, the fellowship program offers support to international students during their third, fourth, and fifth years of graduate school in the United States — years that HHMI describes as the most critical for Ph.D. completion and which young scholars often find difficult to secure support for.

The program builds on HHMI's longstanding commitment to funding international scientists. Last year, the institute handed out awards to twenty-eight U.S.-trained scholars to establish independent research programs in twelve countries where funding for scientific pursuits is scarce.

"We hope that the HHMI award will encourage each student to build on their already considerable accomplishments, to apply creativity to current problems and to explore new ideas, to venture forward without fear, and to take risks as they work to solve difficult problems," said David J. Asai, senior director for HHMI's graduate and medical education programs.

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