Hewlett Foundation Gives $2 Million to UC Merced for Habitat Preservation

California Governor Gray Davis has announced a grant of $2 million from the for habitat preservation on the site of the new campus of the .

The grant will provide funds to assist UC Merced in acquiring and managing 5,750 acres of vernal pool habitat slated to be preserved as part of the creation of a new campus to be situated on the edge of rolling grasslands northeast of the city. The university is proposing that a portion of the funds be used for management and research efforts on a 750-acre area of the Merced site that will become part of the — a system of thirty-three reserves across the state used by researchers to study the natural systems and processes of diverse environments.

"The funds provided will assist us in achieving our mission to preserve the vernal pool habitat as part of the creation of our new campus," said UC Merced chancellor Carol Tomlinson-Keasey. "At the same time, the gift allows us to lay the foundation for meaningful research projects that will enrich the education of generations of students and faculty members."

"Gov. Davis Announces $2 Million from Hewlett Foundation to the University of California for Merced Campus Site" University of California, Merced Press Release 05/30/2001.