Heritage Foundation Receives $26 Million Gift

Heritage Foundation Receives $26 Million Gift

The in Washington, D.C., has announced a gift of $26 million from the family of Kathryn and Shelby Collum Davis in support of the Davis Institute for International Studies.

The Davis family has a long history with the conservative think tank. Shelby Collum Davis, who served as ambassador to Switzerland during the Nixon and Ford administrations, later served on the Heritage board, including six years as board chair. Kathryn Wasserman Davis, Ph.D., who passed away earlier this year, was a scholar who wrote and spoke extensively on the then-Soviet Union. In 1991, the couple was awarded the Clare Booth Luce Award, the foundation's highest honor, in recognition of their years of support.

The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, the foundation's base for research and analysis of issues dealing with foreign policy, international relations, global economics, and national security, today comprises multiple research and policy development centers.

"I am proud to continue the leadership role my family has taken at the Heritage Foundation for over three decades," said Diana Davis Spencer, the couple's daughter and president of the . "The Heritage Foundation's values of free enterprise, individual freedom, and a strong national defense are the same values we support today."

"." Heritage Foundation Press Release 09/12/2013.